Gel Xtensions Combined with Meta Beauty Vanity Hack Pressies

Oh yeah baby, ultimate Vanity Hack includes pre-designed nail sets that are RTS (Ready to SHIP - No sizing required!). 24 predesigned nail designs that are optimized to be applied with Gel Xtensions application. You literally only need base coat, a vantage free lamp (to secure your nail tips with perfect alignment) and your VANITY HACK Predesigned Pressies! One of the main reasons people choose Gel-X is for their natural look, and the durability. They're much thinner than an acrylic nail, and can be shaped to contour to your specific nail shape. Plus, they're much more gentle on your natural nails because it uses non-acid based products. Shop the selection now. 

The benefits include no design time, same duration of gel/acrylic nails of 2-3 weeks with proper prep.  The removal is the same, you can use a nail drill and a soak off.

The quickness of Gel-X isn't its only benefit. "It's so much less damaging; you don’t even need to do any buffing or filing off the top of the nail," explains Minerva. "It's great for people who have really weak nails or for anyone who likes to change them a lot."

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