Tip! ...Polygel is Not All Made Equal

Yes, the title states the facts!  Not all Polygel is made equal.  Some are super runny and messy. Making your application, especially for a beginner super difficult.  Almost to the point, where you feel like retreating. 


That is how I felt about my brand development of research and development.  I went through 3 suppliers before I nailed the perfect one.  Meta Polygel is so controllable. It doesn't have air pockets that cause lifting or gaps. 


Polygel is fairly new to the North Americas therefore if you pull the plug on some Polygel out there, buyer beware it may be sourced from far away and have a wait time of 3-4 weeks and the quality may not be what you had hoped for. 


The secret to longevity is in the prep! Ensure you're dehydrating the nail, priming it for maximum adhesion and you'll be golden. 


When manipulating the product, pat down like a bead and use the slip solution (isopropyl alcohol) to get it from sidewall to sidewall. 


You do not need a large amount.  Meta Polygel is strong and lighter than acrylic. An added bonus is that it doesn't smell and when filed off the particles are not airborne. they are heavier and denser and fall quicker than acrylic would.  

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