Hybrid gels such as Polygel

Polygel is a brand but because we are using them interchangeably. For this instance, polygel is a hybrid gel that combined the best properties of acrylic and gels. It's an instant UV nail enhancement that is aimed at the DIY'er aka beginner.  Polygel is basically acrylic powder in a gel base, so it is the best of both worlds – it has inherited the good qualities of hard gel and acrylics, while leaving behind the poor qualities that inspire a consistent frown on the faces of nail techs all over the world. This miracle product has emerged out of nowhere, but is it worth trying it? What is all the hype about? Will my clients want to try it?

Yes! Extremely easy actually! Polygel has the consistency and malleability of putty. There is no need to worry about the ratios of liquids and powders – Polygel is pre-mixed, so you just open the container and boom! You can start right away.

So you’re probably wondering how a putty-like substance could possibly work with nail art… Well, don’t worry. Yes, the Polygel is sticky and it will string up when touched. In order to avoid this, a Slip Solution needs to be applied to the surface of the Polygel. This changes the surface from sticky to slippery, so that you can easily do your nail designs and manipulate the Polygel in your desired shape.


Slip Solution is used to make the consistency of the product you're using thinner. So that it can be easier to maneuver and thus applied more smoothly. Polygel directly from the bottle tends to be very thick and sticky making it hard to move around and mould. Slip Solution does not have any harsh or toxic odour. It won’t cure or harden the Polygel, only UV light can cure it.

Finally, what makes Polygel even easier to work with is that you, as the nail technician, can take your sweet time in finishing the design. There is literally no rush! Until the Polygel has been cured, it will not set.

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