About Metamorphosis Beauty Canada:

Meta Beauty is a truly transformative experience that empowers you to live boldly and fearlessly. We believe that beauty is a personal journey, and we celebrate the unique definition that each person brings to it. Together, we inspire and support bold choices in beauty and in life.

At Metamorphosis Beauty Canada, we understand the challenges of finding quick and effective solutions to achieve your desired look. That's why our brand is agile and adaptable, offering you the superpower of getting glammed up in a matter of minutes. We've taken the guesswork out of buying experiences, so you can explore and vet refined products without the risk of purchasing bad ones.

We recognize the importance of versatility and convenience in everyday glam, and our products are designed to complement your on-the-go lifestyle. Our goal is to inspire fearlessness and empower you to embrace your unique beauty with confidence.

Our collections of falsies and pressies will have you being noticed everywhere you go.  They are commitment free, reusable, and built with sustainability in mind.  The application is easy, pair with good aftercare these products can last for 21+ uses. They feature: 

⚜ Novice friendly vanity hacks

⚜ Inclusive, empowering community within the lifestyle and beauty niche

⚜ Reduced manufacturers products in packaging

⚜ Cruelty-free cosmetics

⚜ Sustainable eco-friendly beauty  

⚜ No fake synthetic feeling

⚜ Little to no shedding/chipping

⚜ Versatility in styles - something for everyone!