Electric Nail Filers Are an Absolute Must!

So I just have to brag.  Electric Nail files are an absolute must when dealing with Polygel. Unlike acrylic, which has fine particles that stay airborne and have an increased chance of getting into your airways and it takes it time setting.  Polygel is not a cloud of airborne dust, so it is heavier and settles. Added bonus, is that it doesn't smell.  It's made with natural resins and is eco-friendly. 


I've personally hated a set and which a quick maintenance with my electric nail filer. I fell in love with them all over. The electric nail filer lets you contour and clean up cuticles and shaping super easy! Because Polygel is a buff off system this makes it super easy to do so.  


It mays cleaning up the undercarriages super easy when the application of Polygel is thick. Please be advised to read instructions carefully because you can do damage to your nail with high heat resistance.  Always practise safety. 

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