'Eyelash Graveyard' - Who has one?



By a show of hands, who has an eyelash graveyard where all your falsies go to lay to rest before you resurrect them?  Lash Storage Hacks! I know I am certainly guilty of it.  Eyelash graveyards, it's where you lashes go to lie to rest unless you'll be resurrecting them! ...All of which, I highly encourage.  I came across this ingenious hack where the ladies would put their lashes into medical storage pill storage containers. 
This is great if you're indecisive about which occasions require which lashes.  This way, you don't have to part with any! You can have them all! 
On a side note, I purposely designed my lash compacts to be storage containers when you're not using them.  So be sure to resue to create a sheltered space for your darling lashes. 
#diy #upcycle #reuse #sustainability #vanityhacks #storagehacks #lashes #lashanddash #lovinglashes 
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