Removal of Polygel

Removing Polygel with an e-file

Step 3: Remove the remaining polygel

Once you have finished with the e-nail file/120 grit file, use the 180 grit file to gently buff off the remaining layers of polygel.

Keep in mind that at this step, you need to be very patient and careful, don’t rub too hard, otherwise, your natural nails will get damaged.

Step 4: Smooth out and polish the nail surface with buffing cubes

Filing off the polygel outlay will inevitably cause some scratches and imperfections in the nail surfaces.

Use a soft buffing cube to smooth out all the scratches and imperfections.

Use another cube (the polisher cube) to polish your nails.

Step 5: Hydrating the cuticles

Applying some cuticle oil to your nails to add some moisture back to your natural nails. Gently buffing the nails.

Wrapping Method

Items that you need to prepare

  •     A cuticle pusher
  •     A nail file
  •     Cotton balls
  •      Aluminum foil sheets cut into pieces
  •     Acetone

Step 1: Cutting any extra nail length with a nail cutter.

For the same reason that I have mentioned on method 1, trimming out any extra length.

Step 2: Buff the top layers of polygel outlay

First, you need to break the seal at the tip of our fingers. If you have cut off the polygel extension, then you already did that.

Use the buffing cube to make the polygel buffy and cloudy so it will get removed more easily when reacting with acetone.

Step 3: Divide cotton balls into pieces that are big enough to cover your nails

Saturating them with acetone

Step 4: Wrapping

How To Remove Polygel

Foil wrapping

Cover the surface of your nails with cotton pieces soaked with acetone.

Use Aluminum foil pieces to wrap up the top of the finger. The less air you let inside, the quicker the polygel gets loosened.

Wait for the acetone to do its job for 10-12 minutes.

Step 4: Peeling off the polygel

After 10 minutes, unfold the aluminum foils. At this time, the polygel kind of getting peeled off itself.

Use the cuticle pusher to gently scrape off the remaining polygel, moving from the cuticle part to the tip.

Step 5: Smooth and polish the nail by buffing

Use buffing cubes to smooth out and polish the surface of your nails once you have finished scraping off.

Notice: You can replace all the items needed for wrapping process by nail removal wraps, which are available in many beauty shops.

How To Remove Polygel

Disposable nail removal wraps

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