Guide: Solid Gel Nail Extensions

Wow, talk about revolutionary.  In the little time that I have explored my journey with gel nails.  It is always changing.  I can honestly say that this throughout this journey it first started off with my curiosity of polygel nail enhancement that led me down the rabbit hole.  The gel nail extension world is changing and for the better! 

First off, traditional dome nail lamps will work with this method.  However it is recommend that you use a lotus lamp that allows you to have vantage point over the application.  The down side? It can get time consuming when you're curing one finger at a time. Overall the experience was fabulous. I would do this method for all my gel extensions moving forward. 




  • 13 free
  • It is quick-drying with any UV Light
  • This nail gel is easy to apply and soak off
  • Allow you for professional or home nail art design


Step 1. Polish the surface of the nails and trim down cuticles.

gel extension

Step 2. Apply base coat and cure by UV lamp

Step 3. Take an appropriate amount of gel (a little goes a long way).

Step 4. Press on natural nails and ensure you are preventing air bubbles
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Step 5. Cure by UV lamp for 2 minutes
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Step 6. Complete

 With this guide, you're all set to embark on a gel nail extension journey that offers durability, versatility, and endless creativity. Get ready to transform your nails into stunning works of art with our solid gel nail extensions.

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