Lash Aftercare Instructions:

Many ask what is the best aftercare for false lashes?  The truth is; there is no perfect way because not all lashes are made equal, however for the most part you can bet these tips can attribute for a longer life span for your lashes if you do the following:

Be gentle
Meta Lashes should be handled gently. Grasp them by the band when picking them up, avoiding the mink fur as much as possible. Don’t pull or tug when applying or removing. If you find it difficult to remove the lashes from your eyelid, dampen a cotton swab with water and rub it gently over the band to loosen the glue.
Clean occasionally
If dried glue builds up on the band of your lashes, gently peel it off with your fingertips or rubberized lash application tools. Remember, don’t pull or tug on the band. We recommend cleaning your lashes like this every two to three wears.  Reside lingering should be removed before every application. 
Say no to soaking
Soaking your lashes in water, makeup remover, alcohol, or any other liquid can cause damage. Clean Meta Lashes by gently removing dried glue from the band with your fingertips, like in the last step. Alternatively, you could use a rubber tip tweezer that helps you roll the dried glue off your lashes.
Key daily things to remember for best practices include: 
  • Remove residue glue from daily use before storage.  That means taking a pair of tweezers after day/night use and picking off residue glue that may be clumped up.  The most you can remove will help keep the lashes in pristine condition. If there is minimal glue, removal before next application may be better suited to your needs. It’ll avoid any premature damage if you play less with the lashes.
  • Application of glue is also recommended to be applied on an even amount to ensure maximum reusability. Often, glue that is less thick and too tacky, although they work well at first, they are generally adding weight to your eyelids and can lead to discomfort.
  • When possible store your lashes in the case as much as possible.  They retain their shape a bit better and take less of a beating when storing.