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Metamorphosis Beauty

Square Half Tips C-Curved

Square Half Tips C-Curved

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500 pcs, with your selection of Long, XL or XXL to chose from.  These are packed in a bag, aimed to reduce packaging and waste. If they are unavailable on the website, please navigate to ✨

Extra-long c curve nails made of high-quality ABS material, strong. The super-long u shape nails are upgraded on the basis of c curve false nails, and the length has been lengthened to become XXL french nails. You can modify its shape or length according to your needs.  As an alternative you can make different shapes with XL nail tips long french have a certain length where you can make many different types of false nails by trimming to achieve a custom length/shape/size you need (for example, short coffin ballerina, long french nails, long stiletto false nails, middle length ballerina tips).  There are 10 different sizes, 0-9, which can meet the needs of fingers of different sizes. Each is numbered with 10 pieces of nails.

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