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Full Covered Square Tips (L/XL/XXL)

Full Covered Square Tips (L/XL/XXL)

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L/XL/XXL full covered square for my creative artists 🎨 that require a bigger canvas.  I got chu, boo ✨ Long Square Fake Nail Tips: Come with 600pcs XXL Square fake nails, offers 12 different sizes with 20 nails of each size numbered 0-11 individually. Can fit most fingernails, even if you have wide, small or medium nail beds. There is a wide spectrum for application.  Including full cover nail tips can be glued on as press-on nails or use with IBD extended gel for weeks of wear (sold at Meta Beauty). Suitable for professional salon nail artists or nail art beginners alike.

Clear full coverage square nail tips are easy to apply, easily re-shaped, and file.  Also, painting with gel polishes, dip powder, nail glitter, nail sticker and/or nail gems is a breeze because of the gigantic canvas space you've acquired.

High-Quality XXL transparent/natural full covered nail tips are made of quality ABS material, making it durable, sturdy and flexible enough for 2-3 weeks of wearing.  It won't bend or break easily. Enjoy the features of being the perfect thickness to achieve natural-looking nails.  I love seeing all your creations come to life! 👏 👏 👏 

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