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Solid Nail Tip Gel

Solid Nail Tip Gel

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Solid Nail Tip Gel is a type of nail enhancement product that is designed to give the appearance of longer and stronger nails. It is typically applied as a coating over natural nails or nail extensions, and it provides a durable, long-lasting finish that resists chipping and peeling.

The gel is applied using a brush and cured under a UV lamp or LED light, which hardens the gel and creates a smooth, shiny surface. Solid Nail Tip Gel is available in a range of colors, including clear, natural, and various shades of pink, and it can also be used to create nail art designs.

This product is ideal for those who want to achieve a flawless, polished look for their nails without the need for regular touch-ups or maintenance. It is also suitable for those with weaker nails that are prone to breaking or chipping, as the gel provides a protective barrier that helps to strengthen and support the natural nail.

Overall, Solid Nail Tip Gel is a popular choice for nail technicians and DIY nail enthusiasts alike, thanks to its ease of application, durability, and versatility.


  • 13 free
  • It is quick-drying with any UV Light
  • This nail gel is easy to apply and soak off
  • Allow you for professional or home nail art design


Step 1. Polish the surface of the nails and trim down cuticles

Step 2. Apply base coat and cure by UV lamp

Step 3. Take an appropriate amount of gel (a little goes a long way)

Step 4. Press on natural nails and ensure you are preventing air bubbles

Step 5. Cure by a UV lamp for 2 minutes

Step 6. Complete


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