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GlamGrip Gem Nails

GlamGrip Gem Nails

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Vanity Hack? YES.  These are READY TO SHIP press-on nails, take the fuss out of custom sizing and personalized press-on nail sets!  Go with a well-rounded optional choice that is completely commitment-free.  These are long ballerina-shaped press-on nails that come in a 24-piece set. They are high-quality ABS powdered coated with a matte/gloss finish. You can use them with a hybrid gel for nail enhancement, or glue them on or use self-adhesive tabs that are included with the set.  Easily reuse them for future sets by mixing and matching for impromptu on-the-fly looks. This product is definitely a suitable budget-friendly hack to everyday glam.  These are long ballerina tapered coffin nails, they are absolutely going to make your day! ❣❣❣

You will be impressed with the quality.  They are not thin and plastic feeling. The durability and reusability are definitely a longer life span than the competitive brands out there. Instant manicure during lockdown is an easy self-care routine that can be adapted on the fly. ✈ Ready to ship sets means they are sent out immediately for your instant glam routine. 

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